Norvista Capital Corporation is a merchant bank focused on mining. Founded in 2014, the Company is listed as NVV on the TSX Venture Exchange. Norvista’s investment strategy is to actively manage a limited number of investments by partnering with outstanding management teams to pursue investment opportunities in specific commodities located in stable jurisdictions. The Company manages its investments by providing best-in-class mining, financial and management services. Norvista’s investments include Akuna Minerals Inc., Minera Alamos Inc. (MAI-V), Nevada Zinc Corporation (NZN-V), Rockcliff Metals Corporation (RCLF-V).

Norvista’s leadership team is outstanding. CEO Don Christie and COO Bruce Durham are accomplished mining executives with track records of success. They make things happen. Norvista’s investee companies have strong management teams augmented by ongoing input from Norvista. The investee companies are self financing and continue to raise capital to advance their exploration and development projects as required.

Norvista’s Board of Directors reflects the Company's commitment to excellence. Stan Spavold and Rob Sobey represent Norvista’s two largest shareholders. These are very well-known names from Atlantic Canada. Both Mr. Spavold and Mr. Sobey have substantial board and management experience with major Canadian companies. Darren Koningen rounds out the leadership team. He is a talented engineer, well known for developing a number of operating mines in various jurisdictions. There is no doubt – Norvista shareholders are well served by this team.



In the context of constantly evolving financial and commodities markets, Norvista evaluates base and precious metals projects on an ongoing basis. The Company’s market knowledge and its rigorous due diligence process are ultimately critical success factors in achieving superior returns.           


Norvista invests in companies with development potential in stable jurisdictions. Its investment mandate is flexible and includes the purchase of common and preferred shares, convertible debentures, royalty streams and participation in joint ventures. 


Norvista improves the value of its investments through active board participation as well as at a senior management level when warranted. The quality and experience of its entire leadership team allows Norvista to provide best of class mining, finance and management services. Norvista provides real value.


Norvista provides capital market support to its investees. In addition to market support, it will typically participate in follow-on financings. This strategy is another element of active management.
It is a win-win for both the investee and for Norvista.


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