Norvista Capital Announces Appointment to the Board of Directors

TORONTO, April 18, 2016 – Norvista Capital Corporation (“Norvista” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: NVV) is   extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Sobey to its Board of Directors effective immediately. Rob and his father Donald Sobey, who currently own a combined 17.3% interest in the Company’s common shares, were founding shareholders of Norvista and participated in Norvista’s recent financing which closed on March 29, 2016, as well as the initial round of financing for the new Norvista Capital I Limited Partnership (“Limited Partnership”) which closed on March 31, 2016. 

Rob’s depth of experience in the Canadian business community will greatly assist the Company at both the Board and Committee level as Norvista pursues its growth strategy to significantly increase assets under management for  retail and institutional investors through Norvista as well as the Limited Partnership which is managed by the Company.

Stan Spavold, Chairman of the Board, commented on welcoming Rob to the Board “Norvista Capital took a significant step forward in growing its assets under management with the closing of its recent private placement and the creation of the new parallel funding vehicle.  Adding to the Board’s skill sets with people of the calibre of Rob Sobey and recently Darren Koningen will continue to improve the Company’s governance and management oversight functions.” 

About Norvista


Norvista is a resource based merchant bank that began operations and was listed for trading on the TSX Venture Exchange in June of 2014. The Company’s strategy is to capitalize on the significant asset value contraction that has occurred over the last several years in the resource industry, with particular emphasis on base metal projects. Norvista focuses its efforts on the pursuit of highly prospective exploration projects while balancing exploration risk through investment in small to mid-scale, pre-production, opportunities requiring partial or full completion of feasibility studies. The Company takes a proactive role with its investee companies and in the majority of cases assumes management or advisory roles and/or seats on the board of directors of these companies. Management is of the view that current market conditions allow the Company to significantly mitigate political and country risk by pursuing investments in some of the world’s top ranked mining jurisdictions.  Norvista is also the Manager of the Limited Partnership which will invest alongside the Company, on a pro rata basis, in qualifying investments.


For further information about Norvista or the Limited Partnership please contact:


Norvista Capital Corporation
141 Adelaide St. W., Suite 1660

Toronto, Ontario M5H 3L5
Tel: (416) 504-4171

Don Christie, President and CEO


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